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A smart sign is an important tool for your business. It is often the first thing people see when visiting your premises. EC Signs+Graphics can engrave a variety of materials, from brass, stainless steel to clear Perspex that looks like glass. Engraving works well in hostile environments where changing weather conditions can have an impact on many other forms of image production. This can be achieved with no sacrifice to design. The versatility of machine engraving and wide application enables us to supply a finished product that will stand the test of time.


The ideal choice for point of sales products or welcome signs which require a logo.Available in clear, white or a spectrum of colours.

Acrylic is suitable for face or rear engraving and can be cut to any shape or formed to produce a unique product.


Due to its durable, non-corrosive properties, aluminium is a great choice of material for internal or external use. It is tough and long lasting, but also incredibly light weight. Once engraved, your text can be infilled with your colours to create an eye-catching result!

Anodised for rust-free and easy maintenance. Available in metal finish, various colours or stove enamelled.


Brass is the ideal material to give a professional, premium look. It is the best choice for commemorative plaques, name plaques, internal and external signage, which require a high-end finish and feel. Once engraved, we can infill your text in a wide variety of colours for maximum impact. We can also mount onto wood or stone. Brass is available in high polished, brushed or satin.


EC Signs+Graphics can engrave: Dials - Engineered Panels - Gauges - Thimbles


See acrylic for details.

Plastic Laminate

The most affordable option and suitable for a range of uses including labels, discs, badges and more. Ideal for control panels as it can be cut to any shape.

Available in: Traffolyte (Rigid) or Gravoply (Flexible).

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, either polished or grained, for a long lasting sign, name plate or even tags/labels. Simply provide us with the text/logo you want engraved and we will do the rest!

Can’t find what you require? Just ask and we will be pleased to assist.

Remember, we can manufacture to any size. Ask for a free quotation.

Materials we can engrave:

Acrylics - Aluminium - Brass - Perspex - Plastic Laminate - Stainless Steel